Frequently Asked Questions

- Will I have to pay a deposit?

A deposit of 50% of the total payment is usually required following the confirmation of a booking. This can be negotiated. Visit the Prices page for more details of packages and discounts available.

- How long will you play for?

Each package is not limited by hours playing time - all events are considered individually. You can book me for as long as you would like.

- What kind of music do you play?

I can and will happily play any style of music for your special day, whether Pop, Jazz, Classical, Blues, Folk. You decide! For example, you might want Classical Music for the Ceremony and Jazz for the Drinks Reception. I am also happy to advise on what style of music would be suitable. Visit the Repertoire page for suggestions.

- There is a particular piece of music I would like to have played during the Ceremony or Reception. Can I request this?

Of course! The chances are I already play it. But even if not, I will find and if necessary arrange the music for you at no extra charge.

- How do we go about selecting music for our Ceremony?

You can either make an appointment for a free consultation to choose your music in person, or choose your pieces via this website.

- The venue doesn't have a piano. Is this a problem?

Not at all. I have my own portable, digital instrument that sounds great, and comes at no extra cost to you. To give you a flavour of the sound/tone of this, all of the music samples on this website were recorded on this instrument. A full sized instrument can also be hired, for extra cost, if you would like it.

- If I fill in an online form, do I have to go ahead with the booking?

No. Completing an online form in the first instance is merely registering an interest in the services on offer for a particular date.


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